What Kind of Care is Needed for Dementia Sufferers?

When an individual has been diagnosed with dementia they are going to require the proper care. In the beginning they may realize that something isn’t right and they will begin to become nervous and apprehensive. They may be having grer288at difficulty in making adjustments.

What is most important for the caregiver looking after a person with dementia is understanding what the disease is about. As well as the form of dementia that the individual is suffering with and the type of impact that it is having on that individual. It really is important to understand how that person is feeling and what they are thinking because this directly affects the way that they will act.

The best support is to really focus on those areas that they still are able to handle and feel good about. Too much focus is often placed on what the individual is able to remember rather than what they are feeling at the time. It is really frustrating for the dementia sufferer because it they are experiencing memory difficulties and this often will agitate them. As they progress with their memory loss they will begin to lose their self-esteem and confidence. They will often lose their independence and be aware of this. It is important for the caregiver to be supportive and not judgemental or short tempered.

As the disease progresses, the individual will still have some of their capabilities and will still have an emotional connection to those around them as well as their environment. Where the frustration sets in, understandably, is with their inability to be able to do the practical things that they normally could have. It is important for the caregiver to recognize this and to create an atmosphere that is as comfortable as possible. Being patient is a priority, as often the dementia sufferer will have difficulty communicating as they may not be able to find the right words or participate in a conversation.