What is the Treatment for Dementia?

Once dementia has been diagnosed, the next question that those involved with it is: what treatment is available for the individual? In many cases dementia, depending on its type, will not respond to respond to treatment, and it won’t bedownload-5 possible to slow it down.

There are several different types of drug treatments that may help to improve the symptoms that are appearing. Quite often the treatments that are used for Alzheimer’s are sometimes used for other types of dementia with good results. In addition to this, there are also non-drug treatments that can be used that can help to reduce some of the symptoms.

The goal of the treatments is to help with the cognitive and behavioral symptoms that are appearing and there are many different drugs that will target them. There are those that can be used for memory loss as well as those that that will help with the behavior changes. Also sleep changes and confusion can be major symptoms of dementia, and there are drugs that are available for these.

Many times, individuals do not want to put their loved ones on drugs that can have their own side effects and will look for alternative treatments: there are some that are being used for Alzheimer’s disease. A lot of these are still in the early stages for testing and haven’t been scientifically proven to be effective. It is important that they do not chase after those that have no basis or merit for their claims.

Alternative medications can interfere with other medications that the person may be taking and it is highly important to only try treatments under the care of a qualified healthcare professional. That said, there are some perfectly safe remedies that are used successfully to enhance the condition of sick elderly: among them acupuncture, for joint and body aches that are recurrent as a secondary symptom of dementia; bright light therapy for sleep disorders; aromatherapy for mood swings (for instance).