What are the Causes and Tests for Dementia?

When a person shows signs of dementia what is happening is that there is damage being caused to their brain cells. When this damage occurs it means that the neurons are not able to communicate with each other: at that point, things that are normal to an individual, such as their behavior and they way they think and feel, will be affected.fanatismo

The brain is broken into many different sections with each of these having a responsibility for the normal functioning of an individual. When a certain section is damaged, then it can no longer perform properly.

It is through proper testing that doctors can ascertain which type of dementia an individual may be suffering from. For example, if the dementia happens to be Alzheimer’s disease then it can be determined by the level of proteins that exist both inside and outside of the brain cells. Memory loss plays a important factor as being one of the first symptoms that will arise with Alzheimer’s.

There are many factors that can affect the brain cells such as depression or even the side effects of some medications. Individuals that suffer with thyroid problems or vitamin deficiencies can also have changes in their brain functions, as well as those that use alcohol too much: this doesn’t mean that they have dementia.

It is important for the medical professional to be able to do the right testing to determine which brain cells are being affected as this will provide a great deal of valuable information. It will allow a correct diagnosis for the exact form of dementia and then will allow for a proper treatment program.

Unfortunately when changes take place in the brain cells as a result of dementia these are not reversible but the damage to the cells may be slowed down dramatically, which will improve the quality of life for the individual that is suffering from this illness.