Suffering From Memory Loss? Here’s How to Remember Where You Parked Your Car

How many times have this happened to you? Car parks become larger, with numerous floors and entrances, possibly more times than your would like. Huge airport car parks and identical high rise parking in towns and cities. Everything becomes a confusion. The memory loss sometimes is about the brain remembering the same things though something has changed. This event tends to happen when you are parking in a different area or town, which is not your habitual parking spot. Your brain tends to remember habits on a subconscious level, but if something change it can be hard to remember.

shutterstock_507294652Quick hacks to aid memory

First thing, if you are going to another area try valet parking, is worth the cost to avoid wandering around looking for your car where they are parked. If you are going to the airport then check out Airport Parking Express UK, they offer excellent service. If there is no valet service, then use your smartphone to document the cars position. There are a number of apps available to do just that. No smartphone? Do not worry! On your mobile phone you can write a text message to yourself with the details or keep a notepad or paper in the car and write down the relevant information.

Do not panic – it does not help!

Panicking when you cannot remember where you left your car will hinder your memory, and a rush of adrenaline can add to the anxiety. Try and sit down somewhere and calm yourself. Have a coffee and something to eat. The blood sugar can drop which inhibits memory. Slowly retrace your steps in your head or write them down where you drove into the area to identify where you parked. Do not wander around aimlessly because it wont help. Take a taxi (bit pricey) around the area your drove into to help it trigger your memory. Does this happen regularly? Use a smart phone because this can beneficial.