How Common is Dementia?

Most individuals don’t think about dementia until they have a loved one in their family that may be showing signs.

Each country has its own statistics as to how common dementia is. For example, in the UK it is believed that over 800,000 people are suffering with dementia and that one in three people over 65 will develop this. While these are staggering figures and somewhat depressing, it also has to be understood that there are different types of dememusic-old-ladyntia and there is a a lot of progress being made in how this disease is being dealt with. Research is ongoing, clinical trials are more and more common and there is much more sensibility towards this issue. In fact, it is vital, as was mentioned earlier on this vey page, not just assuming that the symptoms of dementia are merely present because of the age of an individual. Sometimes genetic mapping showed a predisposition, with people getting diagnosed way before they are, by any standards, considered aged.

Any which way, being diagnosed properly is going to help the individual deal with this, and help the caregivers involved to proceed in the proper manner.

While even media are often referring and covering one of the most common forms of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, it should not just be assumed that an individual that is showing certain symptoms has Alzheimer’s. There are different signs that pertain to different forms of dementia and while Alzheimer’s is one of the more common ones there are others that have to be dealt with as well. While it is a disease that can be devastating and heart wrenching for whoever is involved, it is also one that has to be dealt with effectively in order to to make life as comfortable as possible for the individual suffering with it.